WhatsThe.Buzz is a simple, intuitive mobile survey solution for small businesses wishing to gain insight into their customers' experiences. Developed by KSU alumnus, Brenton Phillips, the application is designed to collect feedback and drive retention through the use of surveys and coupon deliveries.

To promote the growth of the WhatsThe.Buzz application, Brenton Phillips wishes to add new features. These features include password recovery via email, dynamic survey questions, and multi-survey options. He would also like to improve the user experience on smartphones. 

As students in the IT 4983 Capstone Project course at Kennesaw State University, our team will be contributing the following:

  • Speak with client to analyze needs and features desired
  • Plan, develop, and test new features for the application
  • Analyze user experiences on various smartphones and make improvements

Below are a few skills that will be learned and applied throughout the course of this project:

  • Web development
  • User experience study and testing
  • Mobile web app optimization

Project Kickoff Meeting

Our team's first meeting was the project kickoff meeting. All team members were present, as were Jack Zheng (Instructor & Advisor) and Brenton Phillips (Project Owner). Brenton Phillips introduced the team to WhatsThe.Buzz and explained the features of the application. He also described some of the features he would like to add to the application. The team members discussed what they could offer to improve the app. Our team also discussed the proposed project plan with Jack Zheng and agreed to meet again on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Milestone 1 Meeting

Our first milestone meeting was held on February 16, 2017. Our team presented the work we had completed thus far, as well as our plan for moving forward with Milestone 2. We received valuable feedback from the project owner and our advisor. More information for Milestone 1 can be found here.

Milestone 2

Our Milestone 2 meeting was held on March 23, 2017. All group members were present. We presented our slideshow and discussed the team's progress thus far. We presented the new PHP modules to the project owner along with our modifications to the database for the project. Brenton seemed happy with the changes we had made and gave his approval. The administration page will now allow a user to have more than one survey per account. Within each survey, the user can choose from a list of questions to customize each survey. Brenton offered advice for generating the QR and survey codes for the additional surveys. We also discussed our plans to implement a password recovery module within the application. Challenges and recommendations for improvement were discussed and will be implemented going forward to our final milestone. More details can be found here.

Milestone 3 Meeting

Our Milestone 3 meeting was held on April 13. For this meeting, our group presented our mostly-finished project to Professor Zheng and the project owner, Brenton Phillips. Each group member spoke about their contributions to this phase of the project. We also presented our deliverables on the slideshow, as well as examples of the final code. In the meeting, we spent some time reflecting on a few issues we had over the past several weeks. We also received valuable feedback from the professor and project owner. We decided to spend the last week conducting user testing and we will report on our findings as soon as the testing is completed. More information on this milestone can be found here.

Say hello to the team

Neisha Martinez

Neisha Martinez

Code Master & Project Management

My name is Neisha Martinez and I am a senior IT Major. I am set to graduate summer 2017 with an IT major, concentration in Enterprise Systems and Information Security, and a minor in Spanish. I was born in Puerto Rico but I moved to Cumming, GA 10 years ago. My current career goals are to graduate then start my Master's degree in Information Technology. While getting the Master's degree I plan on looking for a job to start gathering experience.

Sherri Booher

Sherri Booher

Project Management & Web Development

I am a Senior at Kennesaw State University and will graduate in May 2017 with a B.S. in Information Technology, with a concentration in Enterprise Systems. I live in Atlanta and currently work as a Client Coordinator and Social Media Manager for a small law firm. I hope to start a career in Web Development, so I am teaching myself JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, and Node.js. After graduation, I hope to procure a job as a junior web developer. 

Member Image

Jonathan Jones

Web & Database Design

I'm a senior at Kennesaw State University Majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in Health & IT.With my degree I plan to pursue a career in Health & IT as an Database Analyst. Currently I work for my church as there audio tech and network administrator. My duties include making sure all equipment and software is working properly and up to date.  I'm also in charge of our live streaming service for the Ministry. Being in this position has been very enlightening and provided a lot of  great experience. By May of 2017 after graduation I hope to already acquired an internship with Grady Hospital or North Side Regional Hospital so that way I can go straight into my career.

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Ben Skeen

Database Development & User Testing

My name is Ben Skeen and I am a Senior IT Major at Kennesaw State University. I was born and raised in Rome, GA. I lived in Kennesaw for 4 years after high school and attended KSU. I am now living back in Rome and commuting to school as I complete my degree. I am working part-time as a Network-Technician at a local hospital in my hometown. Upon graduation, I plan on working this same position on a full-time basis. I look forward to continuing my IT career with a bachelors degree after this semester. 

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Patrick Green

Database Design & User Interviews

Honors student who enjoys the life's boons and banes of technology. I have been following this pursuit ever since I graduated high school, for my dad got my hands dirty a little bit and now I made it my passion! My goals are very simple, yet they will require some time. My goals consist of attaining my lower level certifications (Security+, A+, Network+, and Linux+) and just constantly bettering my portfolio for bigger companies to see me in their job market. Once I get those lower level certs, I will work on getting my CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional ) which further opens bigger doors for me. My highest point to reach in life is to become a Security Specialist operating on different systems, such as Cisco products, and bettering the business world of IT for small and large businesses.